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3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. The year 2009 certainly had many events for recalling emotional days that both inspired and rattled our senses of comfort and traditional thinking. Some recalled 70 years since the start of WW II; 65 years since the failed attempt on Hitler’s life while on the same day (July 20) we landed on the Moon 40 years ago; while the Beirut event, however tragic, showed courage in “pulling out” of a no-win situation. And while there are so many sad and overwhelming events to recognize, I see so little on the horizon to change our ways for the better.


  2. The impending collapse will be precipitated by water shortage cause by either drought or floods in extreme measures resulting in mass migration and perpetual conflicts. Subsidizing agricultural and fossil industries is no way to manage water resources here in the US of A which will only exacerbate leveraging the “I want my cake and eat it now” and the business-as-usual attitudes as humans helplessly ignore long-term planning that remains at a premium – consequently catastrophes are in the offing!


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